VOL IV / 2016                                 Love, Peace, Harmony                     20 December   2016      

Dear Friends and well wishers,

A Merry Christmas to you and your families !

Lots of joy and a wonderful year 2017!

Christmas is coming and we are happy thinking of all the good deeds, services and constructions that could do thanks to you all. Our first greetings are for you and your families. May this Christmas be a source of great and new joy for all of you.

We thank you for your very generous support and give you hereafter some news of the project.


The sudden demonetisation brought some disturbance in the daily routines of the school, but teaching children could be maintained and all the programme was completed in time. The exams were written last week.

For children of the ressource centre, orientation is now completed : Maryam, Mudassir and Adnan learn the general program of the school, being the syllabus of the academy of Delhi. The pace is slower but the progress is steady thanks to the one-to-one classes. Mrs Arifa sees improvement in their work.

Wajiha trains all the low hearing children to the technics of sign language. For the younger low vision children of the primary section, repetition, tactile education and abacus are daily activities to improve vocabulary, expression and counting. Sports, fitness and dance help Amer, Mehek, Noor Jahan, Sadia, Baktiyar, Nida to gain confidence and awareness of the group's helping capacities.

In the physio therapy room, bicycles and trampolines were sent for maintenance. New toilets are being built on the compound, near the resource centre and the access will be easy to all. Additional play area is built on the roof.


The nutritious porridge is prepared and distributed to all children three times a week and all enjoy it. Children grow healthy. This meal is a good substitute for the numerous children who do not even have breakfast before coming to school.

Several excursions were organised during the past two months :


 the construction of the Pre primary classes continues. If the

calendar is respected, we should be able to enter the premises end of February 2017.

Till such time, children are in the main building. Children practice for the Christmas

drama to be played in front of elder people at the home and in front of the school

children on 22nd December. All decorations are prepared in the art and craft classes,

songs and dances are rehearsed during breaks. The school looks like a busy hive

where all work according to a well set plan.

MARICA CHEVELLA   The informal vocational training centre

The workshop is active. Ladies are happy to produce but now refuse to sell the products. So all the production will be brought to the All India Women Association, AP Chapter who has offered to sell the napkins themselves. The profit of the sale is given to the ladies of Chevella.

Computer classes in Chevella are a real success. Children are able to use word and dit a monthly newsletter .

AT CHENGOMUL - 77 children

Spoken English: Nageshwari, Maheshwari go daily and the progress is good. Chidlren now learn conversation about every day situations.

Computer classes:

Gayatri goes daily to teach class IX students. The progress is very slow and steady. Using a computer, a tablet or a touch phone for many acts of daily life now enters in the life of the village. Those who cannot manage must call for a scribe who will do the work for them. However, many of our friends do not seem to understand the interest of learning computer applications.

We thank you again for the material and services that could be offered to the children.

With the love of all at Marica.

Marie Christine de Rochemonteix